Palazzo Cisterna

The Paolo Francesco e Annamaria Ducci Foundation was founded by its President Paolo Ducci in memory of the cultural and social commitment of his recently deceased parents Francesco Paolo and Anna Maria Ferraro of Castiglione. The Foundation’s aims are directed towards socio-economic, scientific, cultural and artistic fields, as well as the ambit of historical and political research.

The Ducci Foundation looks to promote the spirit of the Renaissance, which reached its highest point in Italy, with the consolidation of thinking and the creation of heritage that are particular elements in European civilization. This is significant especially today, when the phenomenon of globalization is changing the conception of independent ideas and the affirmation of the intellectual and emotional quality of the individual.

Moreover, the Ducci Foundation intends to promote any initiative that can contribute to a better more organic relationship among scientific and intellectual communities of Europe and likewise any available, constructive discussion with such communities from other geographic areas of the world.